EBN/RETIS Benefits

EBN and the RETIS Innovation Network provide complementary and optimized services

EBN and RETIS members benefit from the complementary expertise of the two innovation networks. Discover our services offer (in French):


Benefits and opportunities: Gain access to the European institutions in Brussels through the EBN network; use the RETIS network to lobby and establish contacts with French Ministries and State departments.

Benefit from a regional lobbying, adapted to your region and city.

Projects, Programs and Fundings

The EBN network provides project and funding opportunities within the European projects framework. The RETIS Innovation Network offers national programs (calls for proposals, expirements, etc...). Membership to both networks ensures greater visibility with regional, national and European authorities regarding grant applications.


EBN France and the RETIS Innovation Network grants you access to the support and training needed for developing and growing innovative projects. The networks also provide:

Consulting, Studies, Interactive Training

Companies have access to EBN benchmark studies and reports and to interactive seminars and specific consulting missions through the RETIS Innovation Network.


EBN and RETIS host annual Congresses. RETIS also hosts a winter seminar and spring and fall workshops, while EBN provides separate events dedicated to European projects and thematic workshops. There is also an annual public institutional event in Brussels.

With EBN France and the RETIS Innovation Network, companies and individuals benefit from dedicated networking events. Companies have the opportunity to interact and learn from other professionals, implement new partnerships, and get inspired from the experience of other organizations, regions in France, and countries.

Internationalization and Soft Landing

With EBN France and the RETIS Innovation Network, companies access numerous professional soft landing and internationalization programs, and have support to connect with various parts of the world.

Additional benefits:

  • the YEi et FACE programs from  RETIS to make contacts in the United States;
  • the EBN softlanding platform and softlanding club, and gain contacts in Brazil, Chile, Russia, China, Taïwan, etc.

Learn more about our current activities and our Invest in Europe Program!

Download the EBN France by RETIS brochure (in French) for more information.