Networking and Lobbying

Tools for network members

Qualified directory, experience bank, roster of experts, job exchange ... RETIS implements a complete toolkit for its members, in response to their needs.

Most of these tools are accessible to members via a dedicated private access platform.

For more information you can consult our 2017 programme activity or our 2016 activity report. Do not hesitate to contact Amélie PLACE, Animator Network.

"Highlights" events that mark the year

L’événement majeur du réseau est le Congrès d’été.

The major event of the network is the Summer Congress.

The Winter Seminar is another opportunity to share past actions and experiences and future work in the presence of key national public and private partners;

A l’automne et au printemps, deux journées « groupes de travail » thématiques sont également organisées pour travailler sur le fond entre professionnels, sur des questions d’actualité ou des projets concrets.

In the autumn and spring, two thematic "working group" days are also organized to deepen the work between professionals, on topical issues or concrete projects.

A relay of territories

RETIS maintains a work of observation, presence and representation as close as possible to territories of innovation via events and actions targeted in regions, as well as actions to promote or support regional schemes and actors at national level.

Inter-network partnerships

RETIS has rivileged relations with other national, European and international networks.

EBN (European Business Network)  

EBN is a joint initiative of the European Commission and European leaders in industry and innovation brininging together over 200 EU-BICs (business innovation centers), incubators and innovation players in Europe.

In the service of its members, EBN responds to various missions such as:

  • the labeling of structures
  • the professionalization and promotion of its members,
  • the establishment and consolidation of a community of innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • expertise, in particular in terms of European funding, good practice

For more information, visit the EBN web site !

IASP (International Association of Science Parks)

IASP is the global network of science parks, incubators and innovation ecosystems. This network has 388 members and covers 69 countries. IASP promotes the connection of science, technology and research park professionals.

The actions and reflections carried out aim to improve the competitiveness of companies and entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the world economy through innovation, entrepreneurship and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

For more information, visit the IASP web site !