For several years, RETIS has developed its international expertise and offers a global softlanding offering with two main lines of work:

  • Implementation through the promotion of start-up competitions between Francen,United States and Europe
  • The professionalization of members and their companies through benchmarking, exchange and training-action actions with innovation ecosystems partners abroad.

Among the actions of RETIS abroad, discover NETVA and the YEI, of which RETIS is a partner and also FACE by RETIS, GCE IncTriana Group, Collier County and Naples Accelerator or the european project of which Retis is a strategic partner in France. 

Le programme YEi start in France

“Young Entrepreneurs Initiative-YEi”, le programme d’accompagnement vers la France des start'ups innovantes américaines.

Programme start’ups France/Etats-Unis : NETVA

NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator), le programme de formation et d’exposition sur le marché américain des start’ups innovantes françaises

Programme d'internationalisation France/Etats-Unis: FACE

FACE, le programme de préparation des startups françaises aux marchés et écosystèmes d’innovation américains.

Le projet est un projet européen, dédié à l’Innovation sociale européenne et visant à relever les défis sociaux et environnementaux au travers les solutions innovantes, issues du monde entrepreneurial.