EBN/RETIS Partnership

What is it?

In 2014, the French network RETIS and the European network EBN became partners. With a community of over thirty members, the EBN and RETIS networks now work together with the following goals:

  • Offer complementarity services
  • Strengthen their members relationship
  • Better promote and support innovative companies



  • A EBN team based in France

Cristele COUGET

Bertille RICHARD

                         Cristèle COUGET                                                     Bertille RICHARD

                               Manager                                                             Project Manager

  • Easier and faster access to the EBN team in Brussels.

A dedicated EBN representative for faster and easier communication.

  •  Complementary and optimized services.

Discover the added-value of the two networks’ services:

  1. Lobbying
  2. Access to European and France projects, programs, and financing
  3. Professional training
  4. Training, workshops and mentoring
  5. Events
  6. Soft Landing and other international support
  7. Memberships
  •  Events and working groups dedicated to EU|BICs in Paris.

To be closer to and meet the needs of EU|French BIC and EBN members.

  •  Working visits and meetings in the field with members of the French EBN.

Meet and work with members of the EBN and RETIS network members.

  •  A newsletter in French about EBN.

Monthly updates from the EBN and RETIS networks.

Download the brochure (in French) and learn more about the EBN/RETIS partnership.