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Captain Contrat: Highly Competitive Legal Services for Startups

01/04/2015 Theme : Member of the Month

Captain Contrat: A success story from the RETIS network incubated at ParisTech Entrepreneurs Incubateur and a "Prix MoovJee Innovons Ensemble 2014" laureate.

Logo Captain Contrat


Captain Contrat offers...

New legal services to allow :

  • very small enterprises and SME to have lawyers draft customized legal documents in a very short period of time and at competitive prices
  • lawyers to write tailor-made documents, in a cost and time productive manner, and to offer highly competitive services while improving their productivity.

Watch this video of Captain Contrat's offer (in French):

Click here to learn more about Captain Contrat and its offer.

For more information, contact Maxime Wagner, Captain Contrat co-founder et marketing director. 

For further information, please contact Amélie PLACE, RETIS network coordinator.

About Télécom ParisTech Incubateur

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, ParisTech Entrepreneurs, incubator from both the Institut Télécom and ParisTech, hosts and supports all innovative projects creators. More than 30 startups benefit from the incubator's services and develop there. 

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ParisTech Entrepreneurs, operated by Télécom ParisTech and directed by Pascale Massot, is the digital incubator of an active innovation and entrepreneurship school community. Pascale Massot is also an administrator of the RETIS network.

Key data about Télécom ParisTech Incubateur:

  • 3 young innovative startups are created each month.
  • 200 companies were created since 1999 in the Télécom ParisTech incubators, among which 185 surviving firms.
  • They employ approximately 2 000 persons, raised 150 M€, and generated all together more than 80 M€ annual turnover.