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Innopreneurs, Start'ups à l'école and Ecomasterclass season 2 : News about all our ongoing Entrepreneurial programs

01/03/2016 Theme : Entrepreneurial News

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Innopreneurs, Start'ups à l'école et Ecomasterclass season 2 : News about all our ongoing Entrepreneurial programs

"Les Innopreneurs": since 2015

Innopreneurs Légende

The program "Les Innopreneurs" is lead by the CURIE network and is carried out through a 3 stage Introductory course. The main aims of this program are to create a pool of skills of some of the key players in the field of innovation and business development and to propose solutions to creating awarness and cultural integration in the innovative project management.

The outcome of the project will be an easy to use toolbox as well as a support tool that could be used in any other field than innovative project management on the national level.

The program will last 36 months during which there will be 13 awareness and coaching sessions organized for students and reserches. These coaching sessions will be organised and hosted by the CURIE network and RETIS.

The first workshop will be hosted by Val d'Oise Technopole the 26 February 2016 février2016 at the Incubateur Midi-Pyrénées in partnership with Technopole Castres-Mazamet.

Start'ups à l'école : 20 projects in 2015/2016

A program that is lead by the business incubator Agoranov. The main goal of this program is to create closer relations between the high schools and the startups in the field of innovation by the implementation of educational projects. These projects will be implemented on a national scale in partnership with RETIS.

A ce jour, 20 projets sont en cours sur Paris et en région. A partir de la rentrée prochaine, l'initiative sera portée sur les territoires par les membres du réseau RETIS. Les trois premiers territoires d’expérimentation sont :

At the moment, there are 20 ongoing projects in Paris and Parisian region. The plan is to extend the projects to the RETIS members regions from September. The first 3 regions are:

For more information: Bertille Richard, Project Manager


The Ecomasterclass season 2 launch!

RETIS and ADEME are pleased to announce the launch of the Ecomasterclass Season 2 program

The first edition has mobilised 20 clean-tech startups as well as a dozen large groups, business angels and experts. The were 59 B2B meetings organised in October during the closing event of the "Open Innovation" session. This event took place at office space of Delsols Avocats, the partner and sponsor of RETIS.

La saison 2 démarrera en février 2016 avec un programme optimisé à destination à la fois des chargés d’affaires du réseau RETIS et des start’ups éco-innovantes qu’ils accompagnent.

The Season 2 will start off in February 2016 with a program for the business managers that come from the RETIS network as well as the Clean-tech startups that they accompany.

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