From Our President


For nearly four years, we have worked together to strengthen the "membership services" dimension of RETIS and the reputation of our network. This ambition has generated new services, in terms of professionalization of our employees, and in terms of supporting our members on their territory.

These actions have demonstrated, if need be, the strength and relevance of the “Technopole, CEEI, Incubators and Competitiveness cluster” labels. We have strengthened our links with EBN to coordinate our actions on the national territory.

The promotion and defence of these labels and, on the long term, new labels or certifications are the hallmarks of RETIS, at the heart of our identity and driving our business model. The new actions have also reinforced our presence on the territories, which with companies are our main users and partners.

Our missions on these territories have prompted requests from our communities, public and private organizations to join our network. The French and international landscape of innovation is increasingly complex and competitive, and we must collectively further enhance the attractiveness of our network, modernize and adapt our structures, and finally find new resources for RETIS and our organizations. All this requires a simpler and more direct communication, a constructive dialogue with the new devices and a stronger involvement of our "users" in our organization.

These are the reforms and objectives we have set for the years to come and here is a retrospective of the first actions carried out in this direction. 

A common and shared will to renew the image of the network, better communicate with clearer positioning and messages

The Board of Directors of RETIS wish to work towards a common and shared vision of the identity of the network and its repositioning in terms of image and communication in order to be in step with the evolution of its activities , the general context and the typology of its members.

For this, a marketing repositioning study incorporating a consultation of the members of the network was carried out. The work was carried out by a working group composed of 6 directors: Caroline SIX, Olivier FARRENG, André LABAT, Emmanuel PIERRE, Elisabeth PEGUILLAN and Patrick VALVERDE, with the support of a marketing expert.

The results of the study led to a series of proposals to simplify the messages related with the labels and with the identities of our members, in order to open the network to new players, to involve new players, and finally to realize these changes by statutory amendments.

The continued development of value-added services and actions for members

The success of the "seminars-actions territories", focused on training and accompaniment of our members on the ground, was confirmed by the realization of seven new missions to which I was able to contribute alongside nine other administrators (Olivier FARRENG, François BAFFOU , Elisabeth PEGUILLAN, Christophe ANGOT, Christophe POUPART, Emmanuel PIERRE, Caroline SIX, Emmanuelle DEGRIMA) and three other directors and collaborators of the Fabrice PARMENTIER-LESAGE, Michel CALLOIS, Christian TRAVIER and Michel FERRAN.

The training catalogue was supported by the successful completion of the second promotion of the Diplomate Diploma course "Engineering of the support of innovative projects" led by Abdelkader BOUSNANE, but also with the launch of a new training project on the subject of Public funding of innovation support structures and available technical and legal solutions, to which Caroline Six and François CUNY contributed.

Thomas DUPONT, along with Frédéric DAUMAS and other directors of the network, contributed to the smooth running of the international programs supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Consulate in Boston and the French Embassy in Italy.

Consolidated public partnerships and new agreements

Thanks to Jean-Michel DALLE, new collaborations and new work with the Ministry of National Education have been approved, and the network will benefit from an agreement called the “Programmme d'Investissement d'Avenir (PIA) – Future Investment Programme” , with the action "Start'up at School " carried by Agoranov and of which RETIS is a partner.

Etienne VERVAECKE, on the other hand, also allowed the network to be selected as a partner in another action agreed under the PIA "Les Innopreneurs", whose leader is CURIE.

These two programs with multi-annual agreements, beyond the interest of the themes dealt with, will have a real leverage effect and give breath to the functioning of the association.

Christophe POUPART and Pascale MASSOT have continued to reinforce RETIS 'presence in the various bodies dealing with Entrepreneurship for Young People and Students, with the flagship 3rd edition of the MoovJee Innovons Ensemble Award.

The consolidated partnership between RETIS and EBN is well underway with already significant impacts

Despite these encouraging results, and many efforts to optimize technical and financial management, the association remains fragile in its functioning with a balance that remains to be found between ambitions, the volume of the action program and available resources.

Focusing on priorities, convincing and reaching new audiences for new memberships and improving the economic model of some of the services offered are all challenges and reforms that will have to be pursued in the months to come in order to strengthen the capacity and capacity Long-term action plan of the association.

In conclusion, I will note very encouraging results contrasted by some structural difficulties, which together lay the foundations for an even more developed strategy and a series of necessary restructuring, which I will endeavour to defend in the long term, in the conviviality and with all the members of the network ever more involved and present.