An association, a network, 3 missions

In a few words 

RETIS is a network of innovative French professionals and organizations that are dedicated to supporting new and original companies and projects in France. RETIS has the following missions: 

  • Professionalization : Supports members through executive training and certification programs
  • Lobbying: Connects and promotes members nationally through events, lobbying, newsletters, and social networks
  • Experimentation : Recommends and leads French, European, and international programs dedicated to start-ups

A Network of Qualified and Certified Professionals

French incubators, the Business Innovation Centers, and accelerators are key organizations in the RETIS network. These organizations act and work together to encourage and develop regional innovation and share two main missions:

  • Support and develop companies and entrepreneurs developing groundbreaking products and services
  • Play an active role in building and growing the local ecosystems of innovation

History, evolution and key figures:

For nearly 20 years, RETIS has been accompanying and mobilizing its members as they develop and build innovative projects in France.

RETIS began by creating a unique network of French technopoles, BICs, and public incubators. Since 2008, it has extended its network to include school incubators and competitiveness clusters—geographic concentrations of interconnected companies. Today, the RETIS network is again open to new members and continues to be an active ecosystem for regional and national innovation.

The network is made-up of over 800 individuals and 100 organizations that currently support more than 13,000 innovative companies

  • 80 members
    • 16 public incubators
    • 14 other incubators
    • 27 business and innovation clusters (BICs)
    • 44 science and technology parks (technopoles)
    • 6 competitiveness clusters
  • Panorama 2016 of the companies of RETIS network
  • An average annual budget of €400,000

EBN France by RETIS

Since 2014, RETIS has been the appointed representative for EBN (European Business Network) in France. The mission of RETIS has been to strengthen ties with EBN French affiliates and develop a range of complementary and effective services between the two organizations.